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Jerry Brown has even been testing the waters for the idea of handing back to local governments the power to raise taxes.Politics is by nature ugly and chaotic; but in the end people just have to make it work.Bucking the national trend, the result wasn't a shift to the Right; in fact, Democrats dominated the election results, with Republic Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to be replaced by Democrat Jerry Brown, the state attorney general, who was governor in 1983. California is in dismal condition, with unusually high levels of unemployment and feeble tax revenues.The legislature took over a hundred days to pass a budget, a record, and deficits are getting worse, with services being cut in response.Obama Care may be a contraption, but even most conservatives admit that poor Americans deserve access to health care, and the critics may find coming up with a better contraption troublesome.

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That means politicians will no longer have safe districts and will have to compromise to reach a broader range of voters.

The general awareness is that the real battleground on Obama Care will be the national elections in 2012.

* Regarding the comments on the results of the mid-term elections in California run here last month, an article in THE ECONOMIST described in more detail just how much things have changed there.

Even within the painful constraints of the system, the legislators have been doing a lousy job.

Thanks to gerrymandering, the state was split into Democrat and Republican factions that are typically at each others' throats.The researchers were puzzled as to why the caterpillar saliva was an active ingredient in the attractant: given that the saliva attracted unwanted attention, it would seem that over time predation would have winnowed out caterpillars with attractive saliva.

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